Montel Williams Juicer Recipes

Here are some Montel Willams Juicer recipes.

How to make baby food with montel williams health master juicer ?

Ginger ale using Montel

We used living well health master juicer to make this.


 Seltzer ½ cup
1/2 inch piece ginger, peeled
1 lime
1/2 lemon
3 Table spoon Honey
1 cup of ice

First of all clean all ingredients with water. Now, Add all the ingredients to the health master juicer. Turn the speed control to 1, start the machine, keep the speed slowing increasing and go until 8th speed until it is blended. You can serve with an orange slice.

Apple juice made using Montel juicer:

We used living well health master elite juicer for this recipe.


2 Apples (sliced)
1 cup of ice
1 cup of milk
2 table spoon of sugar (as required)

Clean apples with water then slice it. Now, add apples in to the health master along with other ingredients as shown above. Start health master and keep slowing increasing speed until it is blended.

Apple – Carrot juice


2 red apples

2 green apples

4 carrots

2 pears

Some spinach (as per taste)

Method: Add all the ingredients to the juicer and start it. Wait until it is blended then turn off the living well health master juicer.

I made this juice when I was staying in hostel along with my friends.  All my friends loved it and all the thanks goes to Montel Williams Juicer.  This is very easy and something you must try if you are new to juicing.

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All Green Juice


3 stalks celery
2 cups spinach
2 cucumbers
1 green apple

Method: Add all the ingredients to the juicer and start it, Wait until it is blended. After it is done turn off the juicer. You can try adding a cucumber in to this. Try some juicing today with montel health master juicer and tell us your experience ! This juice is great for weight loss. It is simple and quick to make. You should add juice to your breakfast, this will be useful for achieving better results in weight loss.

Fasting Green Juice recipe

You can have this juice when your on fast. It will provide required minerals to your body and this way it can be helpful for you to keep on fast without starving but of course you can take it anytime.  If you are new to green juice this one can be a little strong. You may add some water and apple to make it little sweeten.


4 stalks of celery

½ bunch of kale

3” chunk of diakon radish

1 small cucumber

½ bunch of spinach

A few sprigs of cilantro or flat leaf parsley

½ lemon

Method: Add all the ingredients to the juicer and start it. Keep blending until it is juiced. You may add some water or an apple if it taste strong.

Detox Juice Recipe

Fresh vegetables are healthy and easy to diet. Especially fruits are full of minerals and essential vitamins that gives more nutrition and less calories. All juices are detoxing because they give rest to digestive system and allow body for cleaning and healing.  This one specially nourishes liver and kidneys and help them cleanse.

 We will add more recipe soon, Hope you liked these Montel Williams Juicer Recipes.

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